ADDICTED Cockring Mesh Jock - Turquoise

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Great frontal support, super sexy to wear, made from a breathable mesh fabric, which helps keep you sweat free at all times. For those of you that live a full active life,

RING UP technology has a removable silicone cock ring for a longer and harder erection. Push up pouch for extra volume and super comfortable support.

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This ADDICTED Cockring Mesh Jock - Turquoise is brand new in from Addicted and is part of our exciting, enhancing range of Underwear styles, which are catered and designed to give you full support and added uplift, extremely comfortable to wear. This technology really does do what it says it will do. it will increase the look of your package, giving you a very impressive bulge.

RING UP technology. Gives a great frontal support as well as an increased uplift.  Made from a breathable mesh fabric, which keeps you dry at all times. Perfect for those of you with a very full active life,

RING UP technology is made up of a removable silicone cock ring for a longer and harder erection and a Push up pouch for extra volume and a superb comfortable support.

Addicted Logo Waistband.- (80% Polyamide - 10% Spandex - 5% Polyester - 5% Viscose)

COCKRING (removable) + PUSH UP = RING UP gives you fuller harder erection when excited. as well as providing you with extra volume and lift

Designed and made in Barcelona

Enhancemnent Underwear Options

To help you understand what's going on in the Underwear world. Today's underwear brands now also include in their ranges, an enhanced line. We have compiled a list of what are the differences, so you can choose the enhancement that suits you. Please check our enhancement Underwear section to check out all of the choices we have. There are four main methods used to provide enhancement:

1) PUSH UP UNDERWEAR – the pouch contains a form of lift technology, which will support and lift you. It can either be a piece of soft elasticated U-shaped material or a strap to lift the crotch upwards and outwards. Or an attached soft silicone cockring that can be adapted and removed to incorporate even larger sizes of cockrings, depending on how well endowed you have. Therefore, ‘pushing’ it up and out.

2) PADDED UNDERWEAR – the front pouch has a padding tincorporated in the design of the underwear, or have a removable padding that means you can also wear without the added padding. this gives you a fuller and rounder appearance. This is usually soft foam padding reshapes rather than providing any lifting or support.

3) LARGE POUCH UNDERWEAR – the front pouch is usually elongated or moulded. It has added extra length to the pouch. designed to let you hang free, works incredibly well if you are naturally very well endowed, allowing you far more room to show off

4) ASS ENHANCING UNDERWEAR – these styles, enhance, contour, reshape and lift your butt There are two main ways in which this is achieved: Lifting straps – jock straps are sewn into the rear seams of the underwear. These elasticated straps lift the buttocks upwards. Reshaping pads – soft padding is inserted into the seams of the underwear therefore reshaping the buttocks.

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