Sukrew UK, exceptionally sexy underwear!

Sukrew underwear, a brand that came to live in East London at the start of 2013 has now become an international muck loved brand. This is no surprise as its creator Kingsley has a creative mind and turns out amazing collections on a regular basis. You will know it is a Sukrew piece if the item fits like a glove, enhances all your assets, and looks incredibly sexy.

Within the Sukrew underwear collections a lot of focus is on ensuring the right support for male form. This means thoughtfully selected materials and dynamically designed shapes. There are some really colourful pieces in his ranges. As a contrast he also manages to design pieces that have a one or two note colour pallet yet somehow, he makes them pop like nothing else.   

Sukrew, underwear with an attitude.

Withing the Sukrew range you will find plenty of styles that have a fetish focus. With crotchless and bottomless styles, Kingsley’s designs are also targeted to those like a bit kink. Easy access seems to be an important aspect of Sukrew, and who does not like to be ready for “it” within seconds. For added value you will find several multi-packs in this collection. Most often these are the same styles but in a different colour combination.

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