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If you are looking for a high-quality, long lasting jockstrap that can handle anything life throws at it – then look no further than the Breedwell Cumdump Jock! With its stretchy, woven pouch that accentuates every bulge, its traditionally wide waistband just like your old school favourites, and its signature “Dirty By Choice” motto – this jock is sure to become one of your favorite pieces in no time at all.

So go ahead and get gross in a Breedwell Cumdump Jock today – we know you won't regret it!

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Looking for a jockstrap that can handle your wildest fantasies? The Breedwell Cumdump Jock is the perfect choice. This classic, old-school woven jock gets softer and smellier the more you wear it. It holds sweat and scent, accentuates every bulge, looks undeniably hot, and features our signature “Dirty By Choice” motto.

Get ready to get gross! This jock has a stretchy, woven pouch that gives you maximum comfort and support while also enhancing your assets. It has a traditionally wide waistband just like those classic favourites from years ago. As mentioned before, this jock was made to get dirty – it can handle all of your wildest fantasies and desires. The black front patch on the Cumdump Jock features our logo as well as our signature “Dirty By Choice” motto.

The back of the jock proudly displays Breedwell across the entire back so everyone knows what kind of dirty little pig you are! Wearing a Breedwell Cumdump Jock is an empowering experience that will make you feel sexy and confident. It is designed t

This jock will give you that old-school look with modern-day style. So go ahead and show off those assets – we know you want to!  It also makes for a great souvenir after each session – just remember to wash it first so it doesn’t get too smelly!

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67% Nylon - 20% Cotton - 13% Spandex

Machine wash - Cold

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